Sant’Anna Scuola Superiore

Sant’Anna School of University Studies ( is a public education institution located in Pisa, Italy. It offers complementary courses with respect to those offered by the University of Pisa at the undergraduate level while it has its own PhD programs at the graduate level. The traditional goal is to train highly selected, gifted young scholars for scientific research and the teaching profession. In the year 2000, the School opened a new research and teaching areas related to Optical Networks and Technologies that is now part of the Institute for Communication, Information and Perception Technologies (TecIP). The research activity covers optical components, systems and networks, and network control and management including both theoretical and experimental activities. Research is carried out in deep integration with the SSSA National Laboratory of Photonic Networks. Sant’Anna’s “optical networks group” has been awarded a special status from the Italian Ministry of University and Research (“National Excellence Center”) since year 2002.

Members of SSSA research unit

Nicola Sambo