Università Degli Studi Di Parma

The University of Parma is one of the oldest Universities in the world, boasting a thousand years of history. The University has about 27000 students and 1723 professors, researchers, and administrative staff offering a rich course catalogue of 40 first-cycle degree courses and 46-second-cycle degree courses, organized in 9 departments.

The Unipr researches range from agrifood to biotechnology, pharmaceutical innovation to experimental medicine, as well as information and communication technology, with leading experts in the field of satellite and optical communications. Among the excellences of Unipr, it is worth mentioning the discoveries on the “mirror neurons” in the area of Neuroscience, pioneering studies in Information Engineering on autonomous vehicles, studies in the field of mathematics, and others in the food sector.

The group of optics and photonics is active since more than 20 years and collaborates with some of the major international players in the field of optical communications. The main research topics include nonlinear effects in optical fibers, transmission impairments modeling, performance modeling, and numerical simulation of fiber-optic communication systems.

Members of UnivPR research unit

Paolo Serena
Chiara Lasagni
Alberto Bononi